When God fulfills his promise

It was in 2013 when I first came in Singapore to explore a possibility of work. It was a decision I reached after 3 months of prayer and discernment. That decision is not merely just because of economic reasons but it is mainly fuelled by my desire that I may pursue God’s vocation for me. My girlfriend then was working in Singapore and I realize that the best way to know her more is to be able to have more time to spend with her and to have the opportunity to serve with her. I remember God’s word to me during my discernment, “I will be a father to you.” In my scripture study, I found out that in biblical times, one of the father’s role is to establish his son, to prepare him for adult life and that includes teaching him or passing unto him a trade. Also, in those times, a father would automatically pass down to his son his own trade or line of work. That is why Jesus was known as a carpenter because his father, Joseph, was a carpenter. Going back to my discernment, hearing those words from the Lord, gave me high hopes for my decision to go abroad.

After 4 months of job hunting and realizing that my bank account’s fund is not unlimited, I decided to go back home. Coming home, I kept on pondering on God’s word that he will be a father to me and, therefore, will establish me in life. I said to myself that I’m sure I heard the Lord right and knowing the Lord he never back out on his promise. And so I thought that maybe it is not yet the right time for God to fulfill that promise.

Fast forward to 2015. One of my anxiety coming back here in SG is if I will be able to find a job. Now that I came here no longer a single man but a married man, I have a wife and soon a family to take care with, makes the burden a lot heavier. I’m so afraid that I might find myself still looking for a job after 4 months and more of job hunting. In my prayer time, I remembered God’s promise to me. His promise keeps me hopeful for the future and I am also thankful that I have a very prayerful, supportive, and encouraging wife. In times that I am discouraged, I would not share it to her because I don’t want her to worry about me. But in our morning prayer and while having our intercession, she would always pray that I may not lose heart while waiting for a job. Her prayer boosts my confidence and trust in the Lord.

Today, I proclaim before you, my brothers and sisters in Christ, that God has kept his word and promise. I now have a job. My pass was approved last Wednesday 16/09 and I will start on 28/09

God is indeed a promised-keeping God! When God promised, it is a promise that is cast on a rock, it will never fade, never broken. We may have to wait for a little but once God answered our prayers, we soon forget all our struggles and pains that go with the waiting process. And we will joyfully exclaim, “It is worth the wait.”.

Brothers and sisters, thank you for praying for me and my wife.

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