Privileged and convicted

Last Sunday’s Community Conference was very inspiring. Starting from the worship to the sharing and to the honoring, made me realize God’s goodness to me through the community.

I am privileged! Much privileged. A brother and a sister shares about their respective communities and how our community help them to be formed as they are now. I am moved hearing their stories. How our leaders would extend themselves to disciple them. Their money, energy, time – all invested to disciple a similar group of people who greatly desire to live a radical life for the Lord. I am honored to be serving side by side with such people who are the pioneers of covenanted communities.

I am moved! In my heart, I sensed the Lord telling me, ‘These are the very people who I want you to serve.’ The past few weeks that God is convicting me to aspire for holiness and to grow in maturity made more sense to me than ever.

Yes Lord, I will. Let my taking on of service by my declaration of love and obedience to you. I still have much to learn, a lot of things to learn, truth to ponder on, baggage to let go of, disposition to nurture, a mindset to take on, heart to give away, hands needing to be train – so I ask for your grace.

(Dated Jan 24, 2012)

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