finding the perfect pair of jeans

*Just want to share a funny experience I had last Jul 3, 2012 :D. Enjoy 🙂

I went to SM Cubao this afternoon to buy a new pair of jeans and so I scourged around, tried a pair or two , found the one I like, paid for it, thank the saleslady who assisted me and went straight home.

I was so excited that when I got home, I put on the jeans again just to feel the ‘newness’ of having a new pair of jeans :)) then when I reached out to the back pocket,I felt that there’s a paper inside. So I took out the paper. It was a small sheet of yellow paper, carefully folded to perfection :)) and lo and behold, there’s a mobile number written on it….

I burst out in laughter and sang…

Hey, I just met you…♬♩
And this is crazy,♫♬
But here’s my number ♪♬
So call me maybe…♪♫ :))


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