Come, receive and be filled

Last Monday was a very busy day for me. Since coming from a week-long vacation, left me a number of action items that filed up. Reports, meeting, presentation, etc.

In the middle of my day, I suddenly felt an urge to stop what I was doing. I suddenly felt a desire to pray to the Lord. Luckily for me that it will be 30 minutes to lunch time already.

There is a chapel nearby our office, and so I went there and prayed.

As I was conversing with the Lord, I felt emptiness in my heart. The more and more that I spend kneeling down before the Lord praying silently, the more I recognized that emptiness. In the silence of the chapel, I thought I heard that emptiness shouting at me.

Long before I have given my life to God. I had accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

Still, I can’t help but to wonder how this emptiness was welling up.

‘Isn’t it that the Lord is all I need?’

How come I am experiencing this emptiness right now?’

It suddenly hit me…

That is the main point!

Even if we are faithful to the Lord, pray to him every day, meditate on the scripture, and serve him zealously, there will be a void in our hearts that only the love of God can fit in. An emptiness that only he can fill. It is the cup that had been filled up when we gave our life to the Lord, yet it needs to continuously be refilled.

It is easy to get caught in the busyness of our day. We can suddenly get impatient with an irritable client, get angry with an irresponsible teammate, get offended with a not so good remark, or reports and deadlines that never seem to exhaust.

It is easy to just go with the flow. To let the outburst of our emotion get the hold of us or the business of our day take out the life in our day. These are the times that our “cup” gets emptied.

That is why it is important for us to be recharged, to be refreshed, and our cup to be refilled.

No wonder St. Augustine exclaimed,

“You have made us for yourself, Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you,”

Because we are ought to love him with all our being. We are ought to seek him each day of our lives. We are ought to pursue him every moment of our lives. It is not a one time ‘Yes Lord’ but it is an everyday ‘Yes Lord’.

Never ever stop seeking the Lord. As my first leader in the community used to say.

Do not ever get contented with your relationship with Him.

God made a hole in our hearts that only his love can fit. No matter how much we try to fill it in with other things (possession, wealth, power, relationships, happiness, pleasure, etc.), it won’t fit.

Because that is a special place, a special throne reserved for him alone.

To never stop. To never get contented. To never get enough.

When everything in our lives is okay, it is easy to praise the Lord. It is easy to pray to him. But when the going gets tough, prayers not answered or a sudden family issue or health concern, we should be tough and get going. Continue to pray, soak yourself with the word of the Lord.

We should seek the Lord, not only during the good times but even more during tough times.

We ought to come in the Lord’s presence each day, in prayer and in scriptures. Jesus, in the scripture, makes prayer his priority. He would rise early morning to pray or withdraw from a crowd to spend time with his Father. For us his followers, it should also be our top priority.

“I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”

Apart from the Lord we can do nothing. Apart from the Lord we are nothing. Apart from the Lord we cannot have a full life.

Jesus came, offering us an invitation. His arms wide open, reaching out to us.

“I came that YOU may have life.”

What’s your response?

The source of life is inviting you. The giver of life is reaching out to you. The fountain of life is speaking to you now.

Do you want to be refreshed? Do you want to be recharge? Do you want to be filled?

The Lord Jesus offers true life. An abundant life. An overflowing one. Full from the bottom to the brim.

It is freely given.

To anyone who thirst. To anyone who lacks. To anyone who is empty:

Come, receive, and be filled.

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