A “Yes” that made a difference

I have been blogging for quite some time now & I believe this is the right time for me to share how I came to know God personally. I’ve been writing about God & his love in my blog & let me share the starting point of my relationship with him. I’ll try to make it as briefly as possible so please bear with me 😀

It was second year in college, second semester when I met this group of young people who always have their beaming smiles on their faces & who were always excited to relate with other students. They love to pray. They love to sing songs of worship. And they do it quite loudly!

I was drawn to them for their bold faith & by the way that they relate & serve one another. I have seen a bond in them that was very strong & very personal. Words of support & encouragement accompanied by actions – what  a wonderful tandem. A hunger to have what they have sprouted in my heart and that lead me to attend a seminar about life and how to live it rightly. There was nothing new I heard from the seminar.  Yet I found myself hungering more of God. I’ve heard personal stories of how they found God in a personal way & how they encountered God in their daily life. I saw great conviction in their words. I saw great joy in their eyes. There was so much contentment. There was so much purpose.

I long for a personal & concrete experience of this personal & loving God that they boldly proclaim.

Towards the end of the seminar I was asked to offer my life to God; to allow him to take control of my life.

I did.

I gave my “Yes”.

Trusting that it will be the Lord that will see me through whatever happens. He will be with me. His love will cover me.

When I gave my “Yes”, I felt peace in my heart. I felt a burden was lifted up. I felt a torn was removed from my heart. I have never felt so peaceful. I have never felt so light inside. I have never felt so much joy. I found God’s forgiveness & it was so freeing.

After that day I found myself having the strength to resist sin, to say no to temptation. I never expected that I can experience freedom from sin & bad habits.

I also began to review my priorities in life.  I started to put God first in everything that I do. I sought God’s guidance in prayer when I need to make important decisions. In everything that I do, I give my best, offering it to God.

Yet, a life in the Lord is not a bed of roses. Even to this day, I constantly face struggles & situations that challenge my decision to love the Lord.

One time, during my summer vacation in the province, a good friend of mine invited me to visit one of our former classmates. Since, it has been years since the last time I saw that friend; I was really looking forward to see him as we were on our way to their house. Sadly, he was not home & will not return until the next day. We decided to go home instead. We were on our way to the tricycle station when we passed by the town plaza and saw other former schoolmates – Three girls & another guy. We were chatting when suddenly those three girls came up to me. One hugged me & the other two gripped my arm to the left & to the right. I was surprised. Then the one who hugged me said, “Let’s have a one-night stand!”  That surprised me even more. I thought they were just playing pranks on me. But I saw the seriousness in their eyes & the two who gripped my arms were pressing me to give in.

To cut the long story short. I chose to do the right thing. Straight-faced I said, “I don’t like what you are doing!” The two took their hands off me & the third one her arms around me. My friend and I walked away from them.

Let me share my life verse from Philippians 3: 12,

“Not that I have already obtained this or am already perfect; but I pressed on to make it my own because Christ Jesus has made me his own.”

I encountered God’s love in a personal way. Through Jesus Christ I experience it concretely. When Jesus offered his life on the cross, forgiveness poured down & I received so much. A life of sin is not worth it.

Who I am right now is the product of God’s goodness to me.

I gave my “Yes” to God & I also experienced him giving his “Yes” to me. He gave me the strength & courage to do the right things & when confronted with temptations, he also gave me the necessary grace to resist.

In grateful response to his exceeding goodness, I choose to love him in return. I have long decided to serve him all the days of my life.

My purpose in life is that when people look at me; my life will boast of God’s goodness, when people get to know me; they will see his loving kindness, and when my life is exposed to the people around me; my life will point them to Him!

“Friends, not that I have already obtained this or am already perfect; but I pressed on to make it my own because Christ Jesus has made me his own.”

My prayer is that you may allow Jesus to come into your life… If you already did, continue to seek him & be immersed more in his love & let others know of this personal God – our loving God.

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