Time to…

…to leave all else behind

All that seems familiar

All that I’m used to

For the decision to follow you

I will forget all other possibilities

Just to be with you

Just to be at your disposal

To please you

Is what I desire

Is what my heart is crying out

Foolish?! Yes, in the eyes of those who don’t know you

But in my eyes, everlasting love

You captured me with a love so divine

Always in awe

Leaving me in gratefulness

Things that I’m sensing to come?

That you want me to go out of my comfort zone

This new year to come

The coming months

Will be an experience of your favor

An experience of growth

Growing in love of you

Growing in total surrender

What in store?!

I’m not sure

But one thing is I know of

That wherever I may run into

You will always be there

There, I will meet you

Wherever that may be

It’s the best place for me

To be of greater service to you…

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