Now to be…

(This is an update to my earlier post ‘Soon to be’. Since, it is now confirmed! 😀 )

Why do I choose to live a life of celibacy?!
What in the world was that again?!

Its C.E.L.I.B.A.C.Y – of living single for the Lord! Dedicating my life in his service.
(investigating at this point, fyi. )

The love of the Lord compeled me to give my life to him as a single person.
“Hinde ako mapapalagay sa buong buhay ko kung hinde ko masusubukan ang buhay na maging isang single brother for the Lord.”
In english, I am sooo in love with the Lord!

I attended the community weekend in the year 2003.
The Lord said to me, “I will make great things in your life.”
I was new in my walk with the Lord back then & cannot fully understand what those words meant especially – the “great things” part.

Looking back now, the love of the Lord had taken me so far- like I became a branch leader. It is not because of the glamour of being a branch leader but it is because of being able to serve the brothers & sisters. Living a life less of myself & more of the Lord, & giving myself in service to the people my Lord loves so much –  my brothers & sisters.

After serving as a branch leader for 7 months I realized how privilege I was serving as one. Loving the brothers & sisters is really tough. You have to be extra extra patient & loving. I would always pray for them that they may seek the Lord even more & that they may love the Lord above all else. From these experiences, I saw the hands of the Lord molding me. These experiences little by little transform me. It help me to grow in my character & to grow closer to my God. It strengthened my faith & love for the Lord.

And I love my brothers & sisters because of them I’m growing in holiness. I thought I will be the one to teach them to love. But Honestly, they are the very people who are teaching me how to love. To love genuinely. To love from the bottom of my heart. To love beyond my capacity.

I will be forever grateful for this calling that the Lord have for me.
When I thought I was giving my all, it is the other way around. I was the one receiving more — Love of the Lord, character, holiness, love of the brothers & sisters, & many more.

It is so good to love the Lord.
This is the reason I can never stop loving the Lord.

I choose to investigate this life as my grateful response to the exceeding goodness of the Lord. And I want to find out what the Lord have had in store for me living as a single brother. I pray that the Lord would affirm my decision.

If this is the life that bring me closer to my God.. If this is the life that the Lord wants me to live.. If this is the life that would help me bring more people for him..

Then I willingly surrender my plans & desires to my God & King.

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