Guaranteed & confirmed

Last Friday, I served in  a prayer session. To lead the people in music as they worship & being prayed over for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The session went well.  Forty to Fifty young men & women were prayed over.

After the session, I hurriedly bid goodbye to the brothers & sisters because I still have a birthday honoring to attend to. For a very good friend & brother. Before I left, a sister handed a small envelope to me – a token. I refused but the sister insist. And so, I accepted & put in my back pocket & then exit the room as fast as I can.

To cut the long story short, I made it on time for the birthday honoring. And was able to express my honoring for my brother.

After the honoring, a brother approach me. He is asking to borrow money from me, an emergency occurred & he was short of money.

I said, “Sure. How much?!”

“Ok. Here.”

Then we went home.

I arrived at our house around 2a.m. I put aside my things & reach for my back pocket.

I open the envelope & lo, & behold,  money inside – the same amount, I gave to the brother!

“Lord, thank you for the way that you have blessed me.

First, You allowed me to serve in the prayer session & to see young men & women saying yes to you & turning their hearts to you.

Secondly, You also allowed me to honor my brother who loves & serves us wholeheartedly.  A source of inspiration in our midst.

Lastly, & the more beautiful, you allow me to help a brother in need. Another opportunity to share what I have received from you. And Lord, I am amazed. I can never really outdone you in generosity.

In fact, Lord, by this experience you reminded me that it is not me but it is you who give.

I was only your messenger. The bridge. The instrument.

Thank you Lord for reminding me of this wonderful truth.

I often hear my leaders in the community say,

‘When God calls, God enables’

And I would like to add:

‘100% guaranteed, 100% confirmed!’

Amen. 🙂 “


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