the Call

It is You who called me into this community.

What struck me on what I’ve experienced today(LNP 34th Anniversary):

  • during lunch time, everyone, every family, every brothers & sisters were busy. Busy not only eating lunch, or chatting, but also busy in making sure brothers & sisters from other table have their food. It was a sight seeing them sharing food to one another. I felt excited seeing this miracle of selflessness & giving.
  • bonding time with fellow ex-UD singles. we chatted & played a trivia game. It was a total fun. with an extra fellowship dinner with few of them. Love this as well  Lord.

You blessed me with a good brotherhood/sisterhood experience.

Thank you Lord, I fell you love through them. I felt affirmed as well. 🙂

Some Notes:

  • I’m cautious Lord of my life experience. I follow you, primarily, not because of this good/fun/happy experience, because I love you. Good experience, fun moments, happy times are just a few things that is the consequence of responding to your love. It also came with a price: more challenges that really test my faith & character. Thank you Lord for bearing with me.
  • Lord, in my SOL as well,  it is not of the respect/credit that came with it. What i found attractive is their very strong relationship with one another. Their deep relationship with you.
  • Lord, with the kind of love I’m experiencing from you, giving you the prime of my life is the very least that I can do as a response. Let me try this Lord. If this is the SOL that you want me to take. If it is, bless me Lord. Confirm it. And help me grow in conviction. 🙂

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