She took my breath away…

And then, she looked my way & .. aaaaahhh

I died!


I can’t help but to look her way.With an angel-like face, her beautiful pointy nose, & kissable lips. Her hair, swaying gently with the air, (with matching glittering effect), & really fair smooth skin… I looked at her, only a few seconds & I turn my gaze in the opposite. Awww, she’s damn so beautiful. I looked a second time.. & she’s getting prettier at the moment… Nah, she’s just like any girl I’ve got to rode together in a jeep. I looked way opposite her… but my eyes & heart stole a gaze … And there I was, looking at this beautiful lady… Aaahh, is she an angel from above?! Sent to be with me?

And then, she looked! She looked my way.

Our eyes meet & the music played…

Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone
I’ll be waiting, all there’s left to do is run
You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess
It’s a love story baby just say yes

I… I died a thousand times…


I enjoy exaggerating! Haha

About noon today, on my way to the office, inside the jeepney I happened to sit across a very pretty girl. And aaah.. the time sit still.. (Haha)

aaww.. I can’t help but get struck by this beautiful dame.

She was really pretty. My whole being is telling me to approach her. To talk to her. To join & accompany her. We get off the same place, come to think of it, this is destiny?! Jai Ho!(hahaha)

sigh.. this is a bit painful Lord. Yes, a little bit.

Everytime, I see  ‘beautiful creation’ of yours Lord, I can’t help but be awed & be mesmerized.

Just when  I was in the time of my life that I decided to investigate a celibate life &  the struggle seems stronger… aww

That beautiful decision I made in order for me to devote more of me in serving you.. now, shows a not so beautiful side of it.. a consequence of it..

I immediately went straight  to the chapel to pour out my heart to you Lord.


……….. (No, those dots doesnt mean Silence & reflection, they just simply denote as is.. hehe just kidding)


Maybe that event happened to purify my heart… to purify my intention.. to purify my motive.. to reinforce my decision…

To see more clearly , what does it mean to follow you. To show what it cost for me to give my life to you.

Then, this is an oppurtunity to grow in my character… to grow in managing my decision.. to grow closer to you Lord!


Hmm… then it is indeed, Beautiful after all…Ü

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