Let Go…

Lord, this Lenten season, I’ve been hearing two words from you…

That is…


Fascinating.. And intriguing still…

Just when I thought I already gave it all when I said yes to the service I recently took on in the community… And yet, here I am hearing those words from you…

Upon further reflection, I saw what you mean…


And yes, I will obey Lord.

I will let go.. for I love you.

“ Lord, thank you for speaking to me. Even with just two words yet it’s impact is greater than the simpleness of those words.

Even if it hurt, even if it is painful, even if it is difficult, I will obey & I will let go. For I love you more than myself Lord. So, I’m laying it down that you may take charge, my Lord.

I am your servant. I take it as a privilege to have at least (even if it is nothing compared to yours) share in your passion.

I am honored.

It is my pride.

My life is yours, my Lord.


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