Job Hunting

For 2 months now, I’ve been into job hunting,

And last week I applied in a multi-national company for a finance position.

I received a SMS message for an invitation to take an exam.

And so, I went the following day & excitedly took it.

After about an hour, the exam is already finished & for another 5 minutes the result is out.

And guess what? I passed the exam & was invited for a 2nd assessment the following day.

I was so excited, not only because I passed the 1st exam but also because it was a Big & Successful company, number one in its industry & well known in the world.

The next day, I texted my brothers & sisters I the community & asked for their intercession that I may passed the 2nd assessment.

The exam took only 20 minutes & another 5 minutes for me to find out the result.

After much sweating & praying, I learned the painful truth…

I… I did not pass the 2nd assessment.


I went home that afternoon, my chest so heavy.

I feel devastated. I’m broken & I’m torn into two. A part of me wants to questioned & doubt the faithfulness of the Lord. Another part of me is consoling & reminding me to trust & hold on for the Lord is faithful.

The following day, I went to serve into a recollection. I was there to serve & as I was listening to the speaker, the Lord confronted me with the words of the speaker. I’ll be honest & will admit it…

‘Yes, I was disappointed with you Lord. I prayed about it & even asked my brothers & sisters to pray for me. I’ve been a good disciple of you, I listen & obey your words… yet as simple as a good job in a good company, you didn’t gave to me even after factoring out that working in that company won’t affect my service in the community. I am angry with you Lord.’

After being confronted & letting the Lord know my disappointment to him, I feel the heaviness in my chest was removed & feel like being more open to hear what the Lord is to say.

On my way home, I hitched with a sister & we were sharing along the way.

And that lead me to share to her my disappointment with the Lord. And after my sharing, she shares some advice & I was enlightened.

It was so embarrassing.

How can I miss such a simple truth?

Yet, I am not ashamed to accept the fact that I did miss that simple truth.

The sister said to me, ‘For us Christian people, we don’t go after how big the company is. We don’t go after how successful the company is. And we don’t even go just because of how big the offer is.. but the more basic question for us is…

Is that the place where the Lord is calling us…?

.. Calling me…

…calling you…

“Lord, I thank you for that painful experience because through that experience I learned a simple truth of being your disciple. I though I’ve been listening. I thought I’ve been good at following yet you showed there is still more room to grow. Thank you for this learning because it signifies your continues work in my life. You love me Lord that you allow me to experience such pain right now so in the future I may not experience a greater pain of missing, of not learning a basic truth of being your disciple. Amen”


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