Most siginificant of my birhtday week:

Nov 14, 2008. Nabuo kasi uli ang MG. All 9 of us. Such a wonderful gift from You, O Lord. Being able to spend time with close friends.


That would have been a good jumpstart of my birthday week…. yet as my bday approaches, I couldn.t help but be preoccupied by the service being asked from me… And up to now….

Sometimes, I feel like.. it stole the joy that I should have been experiencing out of my bday celebration… But since, it’s a significant matter, I couldn’t brush them  aside just like that…

As of now, I don’t have a decision yet….

And I only have a week to give my decision…


May You give me the grace to discern well, O Lord, to discern well and to be trusting enough, to be brave enough to let go of my own preferences.. and to go to out of my comfort zone… and follow you where you will go… the place where you are leading me to…. Amen


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