the “airstrip”

Lord, ang hirap naman nito ah. Ang hirap ng binigay mo sa aking service.
The topic is prayer when I am also struggling with it.. And the 2nd thing is, I am not a gifted speaker, talker maybe not a speaker.. hehe
Im thankful, the bros and sis didn’t fall asleep.. dozed a bit i think.. haha
1st time, and this is my best at the moment.. and i commit myself to growth. In getting feedbacks and inputs from my leaders & giving talk again & again & again
until I become good at it…
Sigh.. i believe & i know that failure is part of life..
& failure is not the end for me… it is the starting point..
The take off pad(naks, palakas loob.. hehe)
I believe, this it a starting point for growth.
and most of all, I know that You will give me the grace to do it..
I know because you are a God who enables…
Till then…


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