Moved, touched, & blessed

Today, I have an oppurtunity to have a fellowship time with some brothers. We watched a movie.

So What’s significant?

The significant thing is that I was able to be with good men.

I remember that before I came to know the Lord in my life, my get together with other men will always revolve around 3 things:bottles of beer, not so good stories, & all the things that we could boast to one another.


Now that I already came to know the Lord, still some of my get together with other men involves bottles of beer,  not so good stories, and we still boast around.

Bottles of beer, hmm, what is the reason? we just enjoy drinking few bottles.. and masarap kasi matulog after.. hehe

Not so good stories, yes, we share our struggles and problems with one another but this time, we get to inspire and help one another in our personal struggles and problems. And our friendship and commitment deepens..

We still boast around, but this time, we boast of how the Lord is blessing us and how he continously is blessing each of us.

Come to think of it, some things never changed. Uhuh, just like the old days. The only difference now, is that we have grown good looking…. ehem,.. in the Lord! Because God, continously transforms us — through trials, hardships, problems, every situation that we are in, is an oppurtunity for the Lord to blessed us!

I thank the Lord for my brothers and sisters in the community. Your friendship gives me joy, a pure joy! You are God’s gift to me. Each of you is an extension of God’s love to me.

It is indeed a great gift, being in the community. And amazing how the Lord has pulled us altogether.

Different family backgrounds, different personalities, different experiences yet MOVED, and TOUCHED, and BLESSED by the same Lord!

Different stories yet it all comes down to one — our salvation!

Different experiences yet it boils to one — God’s tremendous love for each and everyone of us!

God’s love for me. God’s love for you. God’s love for each and everyone of us!

From Ezekiel 11, the Lord God says, “I will gather you from the peoples & assemble you out of the countries where you have been scattered & I will give you the land of Israel..  And I will give them one heart & a new spirit I will put within them. I will remove the heart of stone from their flesh & give them a heart of flesh… And they shall be my people & I will be their God! “

Isn’t it great? That same love, that same promise of God to the people of Israel is also the same love & promise that he has for us! The Lord has indeed called & gathered us & he has given us a new heart to love & serve one another, & a new spirit that we may worship him. And as a community, we became his people, his lingkod, & he is, indeed our God!

Toast to that! Ü


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