Reflections on generosity on time & service

Last Jun 15, I gave a Music workshop to Lingkod San Pablo branch. There were about 11/12 participants. The workshop went well. Everyone was happy and were blessed!

What have i learned?

1st, The Lord loves me and He has given me the grace to give the workshop. Even if i stutter in words, the bros and sis were still attentive (of when I’ll stutter again.. haha) and were very eager to learn. I felt the Lord’s love for me, giving me forgiving and supportive bros and sis..Ü Hey, this is my 1st time to give a workshop!Ü

2nd, “with God anything is possible”. Few years ago, I never had imagined myself giving a workshop. Never ever ever! (haha) I know I love to talk but not before an audience. I love to sing but only in the bathroom sessions. And now, giving this, i don’t think this will be the last time.. ( I’ll see myself stutter before an audience.. haha). Yes, i will make myself available (even with all the stutters) and I will not resist because “When god calls, God enables”.

3rd, serving the bros and sis, i never thought that i will be the one that will be blessed more. At the end of the day, the Lord reminded me of his love and what his love can do in my life — things that I never imagined. Come to think of it, the Lord made me feel special by allowing a brother offering me to fetch us on our way back to Manila. An instance of “You can never outdo God in generosity”

i thank the Lord for this experience.. a wonderful experience. And to think I almost gave it up to serve in s Teambuilding workshop that could have given me an income. Yet, what I have learned and experience giving the music workshop is something that can’t be replaced by money! Wheew


2 thoughts on “Reflections on generosity on time & service

  1. Well, fortunately, I was one among those attentive participants in the said music workshop ;-D Unlike him, you can count on me do the talking and wacky stuff in a swift even before an audience but you’ll barely hear my voice when asked to sing (that was before the workshop :D).

    Guess what happened after?

    Now, no one can stop me from actively attending our music ministry practice (even if that takes 2-hour travel time going back to San Pablo after office and barely 3 hours of sleep as I need to go back to Manila the next day due work)! My excitement to sing my hearts out for the Lord even let me participate during our choir service in mass.

    Indeed, God makes miracles. I am more than thankful to you brother, for accepting our invitation in the said music workshop 😀 Through your talents (…and stutters, just kidding :D), brothers and sisters from ALNP San Pablo were enkindled with passion to sing to the Lord, our God, with gladness in our hearts.

    Thank you to our Branch Leader Bro Norman for the capacity building of the bros and sisters of San Pablo Branch through voice improvement and passion to play the guitar (wakekek :D).

    Thanks again to you bro, for sharing your talent, time and friendship for the bros and sis from the south. (hehehe) May you inspire more bros and sis to sing to the Lord. God bless you always. See you again…

    Wink-wink ;-D

  2. Salamat sa pagDaan Edy.Ü
    Natutuwa naman ako malaman na na-Bless kayo ng Stuttering ko.. hehe
    Hope mabisita ko uli kayo next time.
    Regards sa mga kapatid.Ü

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