More than a preference

If a friend of yours joined a race marathon, Im sure you’ll go and cheer for him. Its your expression of support. Aside from him have had prepared well and will give his best into it,  moral support adds zeal, adds inspiration, give encouragement, adds noise to the cheering crowd..Ü

Your there because you believe in him and that you want to join him all the way. Before the victory has won, there’s struggle between. And you want to assure him your there and give him encouragement.

An expression of support could go a long way. I know because I was once a recepient of it and will always be. I was encouraged and have had given me a sense of hope. ‘How could I give up when someone is believing in me?’ Especially when that someone is the One up above, the One who have created me.

I believe this is how our brotherhood should be. Even if we know that each one will do his commitment yet Isnt it more encouraging if you see your brothers expressing their support and reminding you of your commitment? I care that much that I want you to be faithful to your commitment.

This is not a preference but a gesture of brotherly love..

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