Sweeter the second time around

Three weeks ago, I was asked to lead the Prayer Meeting(PM). My 2nd time since I started serving in Lingkod. I’m a bit hesitant yet I accepted it anyway. I know I don’t have any reasons to say no, for this is the life that I decided to live: To live a life of service to the Lord.

MY 1st time leading was a so-so, for me. I asked feedback from my leaders, they said I did good. One said, improve my exhortation, make it shorter enough for the attention span of the people. Another, use Scripture passage for my exhortation.

When I led the worship the last time, I saw the people not that much “connected” during the worship (at least this in on my own point of view).. and that is something I dont want to happen again for I really want them to pray and I really want to be more effective in leading.

This time, I prepared evenmore. I have 2 weeks to prepare. I prayed to the Lord, asked for his guidance, ask what he wants me to share for exhortation, and prayed that the Lord may bless the prayer time of each bros and sis (because how we worship the Lord individually in our prayer time is how we will worship the Lord when we are gathered as a community).

The day came, Im a bit pressured because of the fear of failing to lead the PM effectively. Knowing that younger bros and sis from CYA will attend added pressure evenmore. Being ahead of them, I should be a model of effective service..

And so the event…

After the prayer meeting, bros and sis approached me, and thank me. We went straight for fellowship, had dinner, chit-chat, had fun then back to our homes.

Arriving home, I cant get myself to sleep and so i pick up my dirty clothes and do the laundry. Its 12am.

And so the event..

I feel hyped, high, inspired, blessed… I was so amazed of how things turned out. The bros and sis worship – all-out, CYAers enjoyed meeting new Kuya’s and Ate’s, wonderful talk, smooth flow of the whole PM .. Im satisfied because I really prepared and give my all for this service. COmpliments from bros and sis affirmed my experienced.

As I was washing my clothes, I cant help but think about the experienced. The Lord did blessed me. And this keeps on resonating in my mind. This is not my doing, but it is the Lord!

“Lord, I cant thank you enough!

This is Your doing, not mine. You blessed my preparation, you blessed the bros and sis. You blessed us all. You visited us and allow each one of us to experience you powerfully. Your spirit moved us into worship. You blessed our time together.

Lord, you reminded me from this experienced that, “You enable those whom you call”. You reminded me to do my part well and then you will take care of the rest. This is the reason why I cant say no to services.

You always amazed me Lord. I cant predict you. You always surprised me of what you can do. Im glad to have given my life to you. Lord, with the kind of love like yours, how can I never stop loving you?

Indeed sweeter the second time around!Ü


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