Grow and Give

I realized in my life that as I grow older, I have to continue on learning to be more and more selfless each day and to be more generous, more giving of myself, time, energy, and resources to the people that I love and to be more and more sold out to the ideals and principles that I hold in life.

I believe this is the natural cycle of life. When we are still young, our parents provided and cared for us but as we age and grow in maturity, we need to learn to be on the giving side as well – to provide and care for the people who depend on us and to the people who will soon depend on us (when the time comes when we are now to raise our own family).

Once we are on the receiving side but as we move into life, along the way, we must do the same and move to the giving side, the giving of life, that others might live…Ü


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