A Love like Yours…

In my life, I’ve experienced a lot of things. Some are GOOD: like I passed my thesis defense, I was able to have a degree, got hired for a job, etc; and some are NOT SO GOOD: like I got a 1.75 mark for my thesis, I graduated cum laude (if only I studied more..Ü), I landed to a better job position(if I only I wore a more gorgeous long sleeve polo and not wearing only a polo shirt with my hair in mohoc style during the job interview..Ü)


I was reading the Gospel for today (Jn 8:1-11) and I was strucked by the story. The story by the way was about the adulterous woman who is being condemned by the people.

Just to clear it: I have NOT committed adultery!

Hmmm…. well, maybe a NO and a YES.

NO! Because I have not committed adultery.

YES for in the some way I am an adulterous person. (whattarevelation?!!) I commit adultery everytime I commit sin. (because the 1st/true love of my soul is the Lord yet at times, oftentimes, I turn away from his love and choose to love a lie instead.)

I know and I don’t deny that in my life I have committed many mistakes and wrongdoings. Some are SERIOUS and some are THINGS.Ü And I even enjoyed those wrongdoings back then. ( It’s alright, ladies and gents, I’ve changed! Praise the Lord! And everyday I continue to choose to be changed by the love of the Lord.)

As I was praying this morning, I was really moved. I felt as if God is embracing me. I felt PEACEful inside and JOYful at the same time.

I said to myself, ‘what kind of love does God has for me?’

I still commit sins… Always falling short of the grace of the Lord…

But you know what… I NEVER experienced being condemned by the Lord! The same way He did to the adulterous woman, He NEVER did. Not even ONCE!

Everytime I come into prayer, I felt God is declaring and expressing his love for me. Saying ‘I love you’ to my soul. And he embraces me….

He who is holy and without blemish..

He who is powerful and mighty..

He who is a king and a God…

Saying, “I love you, my son. Apart from the things you do, I love you. Whatever wrong you’ve done in your life. However big or small it is.. I’ve already forgiven you for that.. and I will always forgive you.. My son, nothing will hinder me from giving my love for you. Nothing will stop me from loving you. For you are my son. You belong to me. You are precious in my eyes.. and I love you!”

“Lord, what is man that you are mindful of him? Lord, what is man that you are mindful of him? If you should mark iniquities Lord, who can stand before you? Yet You, who is HOLY and WITHOUT BLEMISH, embraced a sinner like me! You, who is POWERFUL and MIGHTY, choose to become a man and be put to death in a shameful way that I may be restored in you! You, who is KING and GOD, came to earth, not be served but to served… showing us that to live is to be of service. in love, being a servant and least of all! You, my CREATOR, enthroned in heaven, in glory and majesty, being worship and served by countless angels and saints, step down from your throne.. that you may pursue my soul and be united again with you. Lord, with a kind of love like yours… It is a shame on my part if I would not respond to it. Lord, I desire to be continously be change by Your love. Lord, let my life be a pleasing sacrifice to You. Let my life be a testimony of Your saving power and grace. Lord, my prayer is that you may give me the grace that I may love you in return. Give me the grace that in everything that I do I may give worship to you. That in my thoughts, in my words, and most especially in my deeds, I may express my gratitude and love for you! Amen”


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