Gift of the season

Last monday, i attended the community’s Christmas eve mass.

I see people and families started arriving and slowly filling the chairs. people are greeting one another. Their faces beaming with their most sweetest and warmest smile. People are exchanging stuff with one another. Some people are giving gifts. Some people are just receiving gifts. (I’m one of them!Ü)

Anyways, the mass ended. With the same scenario again..

And to my surprise, more friends handed me gifts…

Awww…. my tears gonna fall… I dont even have gifts to give them. And this?!

Oh, what good have I done to deserve this?

Selfless giving. Warm hug and greetings. Christmas cards and sweets.

Aaahh… this is the true meaning of the season. Not that we give/receive gifts from friends and loved ones..

but we give/receive the most beautiful gift of all — the gift of love.Ü

And in the same way that I received gifts unexpectedly and unconditionally from friends, our Greatest friend, gave us the Most Invaluable gift to us all — the gift of His love!Ü

Love you Lord!Ü

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