Longing for…

Nagging silence… again…

Don’t know what you’re up to now, Lord. Feels like you’re tormenting me.

Or maybe, you’re distracting me that I may realize to spend more time with you.

And here I am…

Immersed in silence that resonates a hundred, no, a thousand word rather…

Have you given me a hard time? or Have I given you a hard time?

Now you have my attention…

One of the things that give me joy, i thought i see your hands hide it. And slowly, gently fading away from my vision…

“Sana iba na lang….

Sa iba ng lang nangyari… 😀 Just kidding.

Ang daya mo naman Lord”

Now, I feel like Lent when it is, in fact, Advent and Christmas is a few hours away…

…(to be settled…)

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