Here is my God!

Last Nov 8-11, 2007, our company holds a training conference in Tagaytay City. 4 days and 3 nights of busyness, where I served as the Conference Manager, handling all the admin sides, aside from being the Music Ministry head, the Secretariat person, and the photographer too.

We call the conference, Scripture Ventures. It is the main event of our company which is held annually. This is my first hand of the conference and my first time is bundled of being the Conference Manager.

Two days before the event, I was told by my boss,

“Mark, you will serve as the Conference Manager. The person that we ask to be the one, back out because of conflict in schedule.”

“Are you serious?!” I replied.

“Yes!” my boss said.

And so the following days, I lived in worry. Worrying and thinking if I can really serve as a Conference Manager. I said to myself, “1st time na nga lang, ang bigat pa…..” That is how confident I am.

The day came and true as it was. It was difficult. I wake up early ahead of everyone and also go to bed late. From breakfast to the Night sessions, I need to make sure all things are set up and provided for. I’ll teach songs during our Morning Prayer session, do errands, check if the foods are ready, provide the trainors needs, do announcements, coordinate with the nuns (who run the venue), and take pictures all the time. This is how my experience of the conference came to be. It was busy indeed but in my busyness, the Lord visited me and made me realize GOOD THINGS…

First, I realized that I WAS EQUIPPED. “When God calls, God enables”I was equipped to be a Conference Manager. In the past years that I was in the renewal community, marami pala akong natutunan. The things that I did in the conference is the same from what I do in the community (only different in context) — to serve.

All those years, I’ve been being equip by the Lord for He will use me for such event like these.


As I served the participants, I realized that I’m not serving alone. There are also servant hearted trainors who served with me. Through them I felt the Lord is serving with me. I felt the Lord’s hand blessing me and giving me the grace to serve them. And I enjoyed serving them.


I never thought that the Lord has that much confident in me.

All these time that I thought I cannot handle big responsibilities (like being a Conference Manager), here is my God, proving that I CAN.

All these times that I thought I am serving enough, here is my God, saying YOU CAN SERVE MORE and WELL, too.

All these years…..


Not because of what I can do for Him but it is MORE of WHAT HE CAN DO in my life…

Because THE LORD is CAPABLE of DOING the IMPOSSIBLE in my life.

“With God anything is possible.”

“Lord, I wanna thank you for the way that you have blessed me during our conference.

Lord, I couldn’t have done it all if it not been because of You. Lord, thank you for all the trainings that I was able to receive in the community. Thank you for all the love and support that I received from my brothers and sisters. Thank you because through them I was able to experience what it is really meant to serve and in return, I was able to serve other people as well.

Lord, you’ve always been so good to me. You always amazed me of your steadfast love and leave me always in awe. Thank you for allowing me to realize that I can serve not because I have the skills and the talents but I can serve because your grace is always 100% ready and available for me.

Lord, you didn’t see me as a person who is full of sin and limitations but you see me a person who is created after your very own image and likeness. Your very son, created in love. Made for love. Made to worship you with all of my life! Amen”

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