Something that transpired today…

I just came from a Commitment Night of people who graduated from the ECLS(CLP,CLS, LSS) program.
This is a very refreshing event for me and made me recall of the time when i was the one who made the very same commitment years ago.
The TRUTH that transpired: “God is ALIVE!”
These young men and women were invited to the ECLS. Ten consecutive weeks of meeting. Ten consecutive weeks of discussion. Ten consecutive weeks of sharing. After that ten consecutive weeks, these people were not the same person anymore. The Lord put a new “person” in them. The Lord has been good to them and allowed them to experience Him in a personal level. That experience made them to make a choice: to RESPOND to God’s LOVE. And In grateful response to the EXCEEDING GOODNESS of GOD, NOW, THEY HAVE FREELY COMMITTED THEMSELVES to LIVE as a FAITHFUL DISCIPLE of GOD.
God is really GOOD. God is indeed ALIVE.
And as for me, it reminds me of the GREAT LOVe of GOD for every people. That He continue to MAKE ways in ORDER to SPREAD that LOVE and REACH MORE PEOPLE.
Im honored to witness this event.Ü THank You LORd!Ü

(Sat 15th of Sept 2007 1130pm)

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