My passion and my God

(Oct 15,2007)

I love playing guitar. One of my undeniable passion. Aside from hugging & sniffing it..hehe
I learned to play the guitar when I was in Grade 6. Since then, music has been a part of my life.

“..I won’t last a day without you…”

That will be a perfect line to define my relationship with my guitar-or simply with music. A day won’t really pass without me having to strum and sing my heart out.
Reflecting on my passion for music, I never thought, this will be one of the many ways I can get closer to God. This passion has led me to serve God through the Music ministry of the community (both during college and even now as a single professional). This is a way that i know I can serve God well. And everytime i will do so, I’m satisfied. I’m fulfilled. I have found my place in this world!(haha)
I really enjoy it. and I feel closer to God. Whenever i see people being moved and led to praise God, I know God was please as well.
Last Fri and Sat, I serve in a recollection, of course in the music.
I sing and I even dance to teach them an action song. I’m thankful the crowd are forgiving.(hehe).. I know, they enjoyed it(making fun of me..haha)
They really loved singing praises to God. and I enjoyed serving them too. 🙂
And once again, it was affirm — a passion for music and a passion to serve God — a “perfect combination”.

“Lord, thank you for this gift. Thank you for this passion. Through it, I was able to serve my brothers and sisters and the community–and in return, to serve you as well.
Lord, I enjoy this ministry. Lord, I know you have given me this passion to serve your purpose. Lord, let Your Spirit lead me in this ministry.”

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