My NLTC 2007 Experience

(Note: NLTC stands for National Leaders Training Conference. It is a week-long celebration of Training, Teaching, Fellowship, and Fellowship (Hehe), organized and participated by members of Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon Community (ALNP), a movement composed of single professionals who have decided to make a difference and bring Christ into the workplace; thus, our motto: “Christifying the workplace”. ALNP has been around for 23 years now. Check us out at

This goes for all my brothers and sisters out there! Yoh! Ü


Six days of training. Three hundred Thirty Five participants. Thirty Five branches. Seven regions. All gathered together to worship the One Living God!

I’m grateful.:)

I’m one of the three hundred thirty five who were called by the Lord to Ormoc, Leyte (the venue of this year’s NLTC)–to be blessed by the Lord and to have had been a blessing as well. This was my first time to attend and I tell you… I had a BLAST! It was INDEED a GREAT EXPERIENCE!

Days before the event, I made and wrote all my expectations for this NLTC. Hearing the sharings of my brothers and sisters who have attended the previous NLTC, I have had high hopes that the Lord would speak to me. They said it was a great venue to hear the Lord.

And so, the BIG DAY came and I was sooo excited to hear my BIG GOD speak. Hence, I was very attentive, even during the orientation (because the Lord might speak… and I don’t want to miss it… hehe…).

But… my Big God was silent…. And the following days, He was consistent to give me His big cold treatment… And I was about to get a big disappointed….

“Lord, why have you forsaken me?” (Silence…)

I realized…

Well, I’ve had been with my brothers and sisters everyday. And Im enjoying it.

We all prayed to the Lord together. We all listened to the teachings together. We all sang and danced to the beat together (with matching square dance and papaya dance.. yeah… yeah). We ate breakfast, meriendas, lunch, meriendas, dinner, midnight snacks, together. We shared our corny jokes to one another. We took group pictures with the sisters (go brothers! Hehe…) and with the brothers as well. We prayed for one another. We served one another. We shared our stories to one another. We played sports. We shopped. We Lived.(hehehe.. parang line sa commercial yun ah.. haha)

What have I done to deserve such great experience like these?

As I was thinking about it, I realized that the Lord was trying to speak to me. It may not be through inspired words but He revealed Himself to me through the experiences I had in this NLTC.

“This is how it is like in heaven! This is what it will be like when you return home!”

We’ll all be brothers and sisters. We’ll be together. We’ll continue to pray to God. We’ll continue to share our life with one another. We’ll continue to dance for God. We’ll continue to sing for God. We’ll worship Him, face to face by then. Together with all the angels and saints. A BIG HAPPY family. One BIG HOLY FAMILY.

What I had experienced in NLTC is a foretaste of what it is to come. A foretaste of the life to come. This is the training ground. We’re all saints-in-training. Heaven is our destination.

I’m thankful that I was able to participate in this years NLTC.

Thank you to my brothers and sisters whom I met. I enjoyed your company. I may not remember your names but I’ll remember your faces because I have seen Jesus in all of you.

To my brothers and sisters in Lingkod QC branch, you are my inspiration. You will be the first recipients of what I have learned in this NLTC. Love yah!

Salamat sa isang kapatid na nagproofread nitong sharing ko. Bday na bday mo pa naman tapos inask pa kita.. Maraming thank you sayo..Ü NapakaServant hearted mo talaga.

Thank you to my leader who had a hard time looking for someone to sponsor me. Mabuhay ka! (Lalo na akong magiging loyal sayo niyan.. hehe)

And MOST OF ALL, Thank You! My BIG GOD!


Iba ka LORD! Youre simply the BEST!


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