My Breakfast with You…

On office days, its hard for me to start my day with an empty stomach. I want to start my day with my stomach-full. I love having a heavy breakfast. That for me, set my day right.

Lucky for me, I always end up going to the office the opposite. Oftentimes, I have to rush up to be able to come to the office on time(bcoz MRTs are hard to predict). But because my day will not start right with an empty stomach, I buy food on my way and I’ll eat it in the office just before I start my Prayer time.

Today, Im early.. yess.. im 30 minutes earlier.. and I felt the Lord blessing me. And as I eat breakfast I really felt my day started just right. I felt the Lord accompanying me for breakfast and we have a lot of fun.. we laught together, we share our thoughts, we share food…

I realize my Prayer time already started as I eat my breakfast.

And the BEST of it ALL, on my breakfast.. the Lord offered to me something that even the MOST EXPENSIVE and MOST DELICIOUS human food could not offer… HIS WORD and HIS LOVE.. which is the TRUE SOURCE of WISDOM and LIFE… and take note: “ ITS COMPLETELY FREE!”

“Thank you Lord for Your Word, they have been my source of joy, my source of inspiration, my source of comfort, and my source of wisdom. Your Words equip me as I go on with my day to day activity.

Thank you for Your Love.. I never worked for it yet You have given it to me, FREELY. Thank you for with You, I can strip off my mask, I can just be myself, and I can truly and fully express myself to You. Thank you.. that LOVE that have given me the capacity to experience what it is really mean to live. What I AM RIGHT NOW and WHAT I HAVE BECOME is the PRODUCT of YOUR TREMENDOUS LOVE for ME.

Thank You…


My breakfast with YOU. AMEN

(July 11, 2007)

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