Are you “On Fire” ?

Few weeks ago, Im so inspired that I was able to write journal almost everyday. I thank God, His love keeps me “on fire”. Few days ago, i want to continue on writing my journal but I just can’t. I can’t organize my thoughts. I can’t even start. And the hard part of it — I’m not experiencing the “fire” within me.

I was thinking about it…

And I found out, something interesting…

I found out that the “fire” is the one that inspires me to write that love of God for me. The “fire” feeling gives me the signal that God is with me. The “fire” experience allow me to recognize that God is near me. The “fire” has been my notioned that God loves me…

These past days, I can’t write because I’m not experiencing the “fire”. I thought, “Lord, why are you so far away? I can’t feel your presence. I can’t feel your love. How can i continue writing about your love if i can’t even feel your love for me?”

….the Lord didn’t answer me…

On my way to work today, inside MRT, I realized…. I was to reliant on the “fire” thing. i was too much boxed in into the “on fire” feeling. I was too much focused on my “on fire” experience.

The LORD LOVES ME!(with an exclamation mark)

It didn’t need any “on fire” experiences or even “fire” symbol(if that’s the case that might be the Fire Dept) for him to show that He loves me.


I was created by God, He FORMED me. He BREATHED into me(breathing into me signifies an intimate relationship with God… thats from the Scripture [Gen 2:7] i realized, from all God’s creation, only man was FORMED by God{holding him in his hands} and was BREATHED by God with his breath.)
.. that is why I KNOW that GOD LOVES ME. and GOD LOVES HIS OWN!

And i was praying and worshipping God during my prayer time, my gazed unintentionally moved into the direction of the crucifix….

I realized…

“GOD WAS SO GOOD that He has given me/us the GREATEST MANIFESTATION of His Love for me/us — His Son,Jesus Christ.

Today, I was reminded by this TRUTH and I thank God for reminding me that He is WILLING TO GIVE His all —even the life of His son— TO PURSUE ME/us, TO BLESS ME/us, and TO WIN ME/us BACK TO HIM.


“Lord, thank you for Your TREMENDOUS LOVE for me. I am not worthy of Your love but YOU are a GOD who is WORTHY TO BE LOVED. So I will HIDE NO MORE. I will RUN NO MORE. I will NOT HINDER MYSELF to show how much grateful i am for Your love.
Let me love You in return, LORD.


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