Another side…

These past few weeks, I really feel good. Not because these weeks are “smooth”. in fact, there were so many stressful days. But I’m thankful to the Lord because I was able to go through all of it. I really felt the Lord’s grace is upon me.

I’m honored. I feel very blessed. But as much as I experienced being blessed by God, I also experienced “unpleasant moments”.

From time to time, memories of my past comes into my mind. They all flash back and it feels like it was just yesterday. And these memories are the sad ones, those challenging times, the hardships, the pains — “unpleasant”. i don’t like the feel of it. But.. I can’t ignore it.

As I force myself to look again to these unpleasant experiences, I was reminded of another SIMPLE TRUTH: that “GOD is REALLY GOOD!”. I realized that the Lord has done many things in my life. the Lord has TAKEN me FAR in my FAITH. God had always been with me all along. In those unpleasant times that I thought the Lord was so far away, God’s hand was indeed there guiding me. For a while, the Lord DISTANT His PRESENCE (that I may GIVE MORE of my TRUST in Him) BUT NEVER DID HE TAKE HIS LOVE FOR ME.

In those TIMES, I’ve SEEN how WEAK i AM….. BUT I’VE SEEN HOW STRONG the LOVe of the LORD for me. I’ve SEEn how POWERFUL He is… That He is CAPABLE of DOING the IMPOSSIBLE in my Life. That He is CAPABLE of TURNING a HEART OF STONE into a HEART OF FLESH(That now knows what it really meant to LIVE and to LOVE)

Knowing all of this, How can I not give my 100% to Him… when HE ALWAYS been GIVING His 100% to ME?

The Lord is indeed GOOD!

“Lord, Your love DRAWS me NEAR to YOU.
DRAW NEAR to me. Continue to CHANGE me. Continue to use me.
Let my life be a testimony of Your BEAUTY, of Your Power.

(Sun 16th of Sept 2007)

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