He is to be worship

(Oct 30,2007)

Its 630AM
My mom woke me up because she knows I usually wake up at 600AM. Being late to rise often leads me to be late for my prayer time.
Yes, my prayer time.
I usually arrive in the office, 30-45 minutes earlier so I can spend a good amount of time to pray to God, sing songs of praises, thank Him, and be immersed once again in His immeasurable and transforming love.

But today, I think I would be late for my appointment with the Lord…
Last night, we had a fellowship (with our Mens Group), we ate dinner together and spent some time to hear one another together with bottles of beer(hehe..).. and thats the reason why I didnt hear my cellphone alarm rings…

Realizing its already 630AM, I hurried to rise up, grab the towel, and went straight to the bathroom..
At 700AM, it wont be easy to ride the MRT train because by that time, there will be more passengers waiting too.
Im already anticipating that I will be late….
..but the Lord has a BETTER PLAN in mind…

700AM, inside MRT station, there were many people indeed as I expected.. but the Lord paved the way…
Suddenly, the train arrives and its half-full of passengers and so I rode immediately(bka masingitan pa eh… hehe)

Im now here in the office.. and Im not late for my prayer time..Ü


“The Lord should be worship because He is worthy of it!”

The Lord wants me to pray to Him once again. The Lord wants me to worship Him today.. and He made a way for me to do so..

And sooo… I DID!Ü

“Lord, I thank you for giving me this time to pray to you. And thank you for paving the way for me to do so. Lord, there is NO GREATER EXPERIENCE than this to behold You in my praise.
Lord, not only today, not only tomorrow, not only till the next few days, weeks, and months… but with ALL THE DAYS OF MY LIFE, I will pray to You.
And with MY WHOLE LIFE, I will worship You! Amen.”

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